What is a TRX Beginner Workout

trx beginner workout

Use this total body, low-impact, beginner friendly TRX beginner workout to get in shape at home without hurting yourself! TRX suspension belts are among the finest pieces of in-home exercise equipment that you could have in your home. This eight exercise, at-home TRx workout is performed in only ten minutes yet it does include a killer lower abs finisher! What’s more, this workout has been purposely designed to give you a workout that’s easy to perform yet highly effective. You’ll love how it feels when you finish!

List Of TRX Beginner Workout

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The first exercise in the beginner’s series, the “Relax & Build Up” trx workout, uses resistance to stretch and tone the entire body. Simply use the two resistance straps that are included with each TRX kit. To do this exercise simply lay flat on your back. Then lift your legs straight out towards your chest.

Next, the “Seated Face Crunches” exercise teaches the abs muscles to be more active and to be properly coordinated. While doing this workout simply lie flat on your back while lifting your legs straight up toward your chest in a slow and steady motion. This is another excellent beginner trx workout that can be done in ten minute increments.

For the next one in the series, the “Abscess Treadmill Workout,” participants will get stronger abdominal muscles through performing crunches. This at-home trx workout requires that participants keep their feet on the floor throughout the exercise. Hold the dumbbells at your sides and bend your knees to enter a pushup position. Now, lean back until your chest is parallel to the floor and squeeze your abs together.

First Set Or Two Of Abs Exercises

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After the first set or two of abs exercises, participants should switch to a lower ab exercise and then to the next one. Each set should be performed three times. It is important to always move through the full range of motion of each repetition. Do not attempt to cheat and do more repetitions because it will strain your neck, back, and shoulders. It is best to avoid cheating when doing your at home trx workouts so that you can get strong, muscular, and fit easily. If you perform these workouts incorrectly, it could injure your body.

The final part of the series, the “Corpse Slide” exercise shows off the power of a TRX. In this workout, participants perform an abdominal muscle burn while they rotate their waist from side to side. Start by laying flat on your back with both your hands placed comfortably behind your head. You want to position yourself so that your spine is at 90 degrees to the ground. Next, place both hands directly beneath your belly button to lift it up slightly.

Explore More About TRX Beginner Workout

Once the participant has lifted their torso high enough, they will slide their arms along their sides. This should be done slowly and deliberately so as not to overstretch. After the arm lift, the participant will tighten their abdominal muscles in preparation for their next set of abdominal exercises. It is important to perform eight sets of ten abdominal exercises, using a medium resistance. After the first few sets, the participant will notice a gradual increase in their metabolic rate, which results in burning fat more efficiently.


As you may now understand, the secret to a successful trx beginner workout lies in the exercises themselves. Do not think of them as simple ab exercises. Rather, they are advanced athletic exercises using the power of your body and the TRX as a platform. By focusing on the task at hand (exercising), one can develop their overall strength, coordination, and flexibility while toning their abdominals. If you would like to gain all of these beneficial traits as well as improve your physique as well as health, the Trx beginner workout system is for you!

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