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trx exercise ideas

They have been a leading manufacturer of health and exercise equipment for over one hundred years. They are very good at what they do and what they have to offer you, the consumer. If you are looking for something that will not only get your body in shape but will also keep you from getting injured while exercising then you should definitely look into Trx Exercise Ideas. They are a company that takes fitness seriously and that is why they offer a broad range of bodyweight exercises and resistance equipment. These can be used by people of all ages and are great for people who have problem areas in their routines.

Body Gluteus Max

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One of the best Trx Exercise Ideas for women is the Body Gluteus Max. This is a great piece of equipment that offers some simple exercises that can be done on a daily basis. If you have tight hamstrings, abdominal muscles or just general lack of flexibility in your core area then you need to do some basic stretching. The body gluteus max allows you to do some basic stretches that will help you restore your flexibility and strengthen your core muscles without hurting you.

Another wonderful feature of the Body Gluteus Max is that it is a one hundred percent electronic resistance piece of equipment. There is no need to balance a bag on your hips while trying to do some basic stretching. The foam rolling motion will allow you to do a full range of motion without having to worry about hitting the deck. It can be used as part of your yoga routine or alone as a way to reduce back pain, improve blood circulation and improve your posture. The foam rolling motion also strengthens muscles that would otherwise fall victim to wear and tear.

Trx Rebounder

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Another one of Trx’s Body Gluteus Max is the Trx Rebounder. This is an ideal workout partner for beginners to bodyweight exercises. The rebounder will allow you to get a more intense workout because it will work more muscles at one time. When you are working out with the rebounder you do not have to worry about bouncing the discs. Instead you can focus on developing strength at each anchor point by using the straps.

For those who might want to try a full range of motion without hurting their backs or necks there is the Thera-Cane. It can be used for all types of bodyweight and stretching exercises. This device will also support yoga enthusiasts because of its stability. Some of the poses included in the Thera-Cane’s collection include yoga stand poses, power rings, gentle swivel, modified monkey bars and even chair pose. When you are using the Thera-Cane, you can focus on using your muscles, rather than focusing on supporting the device.


Each person can get an incredible workout by using Thera-Cane, because of all of the different levels it can be used at. You can increase your intensity by using less weight by working more muscles at once. In addition, the Thera-Cane has two adjustable footrests which allows you to customize your workout according to what muscles are most worked. No matter your fitness level, you can increase your workout when you try the Thera-Cane because of all the different features it offers.

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