Urban Body Fitness Tips

urban body fitness

While many around the globe struggle to lose weight around their bum, there are some of us who would love to have a big and shapely hips. Here are some urban body fitness tips to get you the ideal body.

Understand your Body Structure

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The human hips is made of gluteal muscles- the gluteus maximus, gluteus minimus and the gluteus medius. There is a layer of fat surrounding these muscles. One needs to strengthen and enlarge these muscles in order to make the butt look bigger. Sometimes, too much fat covering the gluteus muscles hinders the hips to look firmer. One needs to do body building exercises in a specific way to get a bigger bum and to lose extra fat on that area. A diet consisting of more proteins and fewer carbs may help in reducing the fat from the body and to build the muscle tissue. Floor exercises and cardio help in building muscles in the butt area. 

Climbing the stairs and walking up and down the hill help in building muscles around the butt. Contrary to the earlier myth, only squatting will not help to build a bigger and firmer bum. One needs a lot more different forms of exercise to build gluteus muscles. Hip thrusts and body weight exercises help in building muscles but one has to go slowly else you might injure yourself. Results will not be visible overnight. It is a slow and gradual process which requires a lot of devotion and discipline.

Exercises you Need to Do for Urban Body Fitness

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  • Change your walking posture: One should stand and sit in a straight posture keeping the shoulders square and torso straight. The pelvis should be kept in a neutral position and the head should be raised and not bent. The abs should be kept in a contracted position. This stature will not only make your bum look more prominent, but will also help to make your chest appear bigger. Try to walk like a runway fashion model by clenching your gluteus muscles. 
  • Work on building your butt muscles: Doing hip thrusts by lying on your back will help to strengthen your butt. Repeat every day thrice in sets of 10. Squatting every day will also help. Stand erect and bend your knees with the back straight and then rise back again. Repeat this too everyday thrice in sets of 20. Do lunges everyday by bending one leg behind and the other leg ahead of you. Both legs should be bent at 90 degrees. Stand erect again and repeat. This should also be repeated thrice every day in sets of 20. 
  • Tone your belly and other forms of exercise: Toning your belly can make the butt look bigger and firmer. Leg lifts help to strengthen the belly area. One should also do twist crunches on the floor every day to strengthen the glutes. Other than these body building exercises walking, swimming, cycling, gymnastics and other forms of sport also help in exercising the muscles of the body making them stronger and firmer.

These are some tips that will help you get the best urban body fitness.

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