Try These Leg Workout Machines For The Best Results

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Leg workout is one of the important workouts in the whole body. At the start people find leg workout hard and try to skip the day of workout when there is a leg day. But do you know that leg workout has many benefits that includes fat reducing power and also making joints stronger. So you should do leg workout. Here in this article we are going to serve you the list of leg machine workout and all the information about it. So check out the whole article to get the full information. Let’s dig in to know more. 

Leg Press

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This is an amazing machine workout but if done incorrectly it may cause lower back injury. So before you perform it you must be careful that you are following steps correctly. This workout especially targets Quadriceps, Glutes and Hamstrings and makes them stronger.

How To Do It:

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Sit on a leg press machine of placing your feet shoulder width apart and you have to sit squarely on the machine. Keep your lower back pressed into the pad and chest up. Bend your knees to lower the platform, stopping before your glutes lift off the pad. From there, powerfully extend your knees to press the weight up.


We all use stairs on our daily basis but this can be made a good leg workout with some equipment. This exercise mainly targets Quadriceps, glutes. One best thing is that each leg had its own burn of motion.

How To Do It:

Take dumbbells in your both hands and hold them to the knee. Use a bench for the workout. Start by using either of your legs by stepping on the bench and then stand on the bench. Now come back either using the other leg (other than the one you stepped on). Now repeat the exercise to complete your workout.

Hack Squat

Hack squat is the best exercise as it serves as a bridge between squatting and other moves such as the leg press and lunge. Quads and glutes primarily, hamstrings secondarily are the areas which are mainly targeted in this workout. 

How To Do It:

Sit on the back squat machine placing your shoulder and back against the pad. Slightly lower yourself on the pad with the dumbbell on your shoulders. You should keep your check and back tight and also follow the safety precautions while performing the exercise.


Working out is the most important thing that you must add in your daily life to keep yourself healthy. And leg workout is one which is important in the workout. We have served you a leg machine workout list and the information that will surely help you in your work out. Hope you got sufficient exercise that you can do to strengthen your legs and also burn some calories to keep your body maintained and in shape.

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