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TRX: Your Holistic Path To Body Fitness

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TRX is an acronym for Total Resistance Exercises. Historically, a Navy seal conceived this idea during his stay on a secluded island. The army had to keep themselves fit and strong on the island but there was no gym equipment. That is when the Navy seal Randy Hetrick decided to use ropes and body weight for the army workout.

How To Do TRX?

TRX: Your Holistic Path To Body Fitness
TRX: Your Holistic Path To Body Fitness

TRX can be understood by anybody. It is an excellent way of using one’s body weight to create resistance. It helps in making your body fitter and leaner. To do a TRX exercise, the person needs to put their hands inside the band loops and suspend their body. The other variants of TRX exercises will need to put the person’s feet into the bands while exercising.

Types Of TRX Exercises

TRX band allows a person to do dozens of exercises from single equipment. Below is a list of workouts one can do.

Chest Workout

Chest workouts are very beneficial for everyone. There are two types of chest muscles – pectoralis major and pectoralis minor. It is important to work out the chest muscles as they make your body stronger and helps in movement. If you have strong chest muscles, your upper body will look appealing and give your clothes a better fit.

Arm Workout

Arm workouts are key to a healthy and muscular body. In the sense, stringer arms will be able to pick up heavy weights and do everyday tasks with ease. Also, one must keep in mind that a good arm workout will give them an easy fit into the sleeves of their favorite piece of clothing. Everyone desires to have muscular arms over a fatty arm. TRX arm workouts will give you exactly that.

TRX Core Workout

Doctors and physiotherapists have always maintained the importance of having a strong core. The core involves your back, lower back, abdomen, and pelvis. If your core is strong you will naturally be more healthy and flexible than anyone. TRX has unique exercises that work out your core and boost your energy. A strong group of core muscles makes a stronger torso. It stabilizes your body and aid in better balancing.

TRX Leg Workout

TRX: Your Holistic Path To Body Fitness
TRX: Your Holistic Path To Body Fitness

One cannot deny the significance of having strong legs. If your legs are weak you cannot run or walk quickly. You must try the leg work out to shell out the extra fat in your thighs. Another benefit of having well-built legs is that they take care of your back too. The different kinds of TRX leg workouts are jump lunges, hamstring curls, and pylo squats. Doing leg workout will eventually work out the rest of your body. Muscular and toned legs look attractive and give your personality an edge.


TRX workouts are great to reduce body weight and become fit. Each exercise covers your whole body and you come out leaner and fitter. The cons are hardly any and unlike hardcore weight training, there are no chances of wear and tear of muscles. They are lighter on the joints and can be done according to one’s body pace.

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