Trx Workout Video- Best Trx Muscle Building Exercises

trx workout video

This all-in-one piece of equipment, she claims, can give you a good workout whether you’re concentrating on strength or conditioning. TRX may also be used to help with balance and stability during stretching and mobility exercises.

TRX Beginner’s Guide

1- Concentrate on the essentials. “There are so many incredible workouts, don’t make the mistake of jumping in head first,” Warwick advises. Don’t be scared to begin slowly and with more fundamental motions.

2- Pay attention to the way things are done. Before introducing more difficult versions of the movements, think about form and mastering it.

3- Familiarize yourself with the system. While you may be acquainted with exercise routines like squats and bicep curls, the TRX system makes them more efficient, and it’s vital to familiarize yourself with the system, so you know how it works.

1-Upper Body-

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How to do it:

1- Hold the rubber handles with your hands facing each other, facing your anchor point.

2- Lean back with your tailbone tucked, and your core engaged, keeping your weight in your heels.

3- If you go ahead, your rows will be heavier, and if you walk backward, your rows will be lighter.

4- Keep your neck long and shoulders low by pulling your chest through your hands and squeezing your shoulder blades together.

2-Chest Press-

How to do it:

1- Face away from the anchor point while holding the rubber handles, shoulders strapped, and arms straight.

2- Return the walk with your feet shoulder-width apart. Keep a firm plank stance with your tailbone tucked by leaning into the straps and lifting up onto your tiptoes. Like a punch, the wrists are straight.

3- Open your hands, slowly bend your elbows, and lower your chest to the same level as your fist.

3-TRX Y Fly-

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How to do it:

1- Lean back in the straps with straight arms and palms facing down, holding the rubber grips.

2- Maintain a tight plank stance with your feet shoulder-width apart. Pull your arms up and out to make a Y shape with your Body.

3- Walk towards the anchor point with your weight in your heels to make it heavier and away from it to make it lighter.

4-Triceps Press-

How to do it:

1- Face away from the anchor point and grab the handles.

2- Begin with your arms straight and your hands at forehead height; after that, your hands should never move.

3- Lift up onto your tiptoes and engage your core in plank posture, keeping your feet hip-width apart. The exercise becomes more difficult as you move your feet closer to the anchor point, but going forward makes it easier.

5-Biceps Curl-

How to do it:

1- Lean back in the straps while holding the rubber handles, palms facing up and feet shoulder-width apart.

2- Down your back, keep your shoulders set.

3- Curl your hands to the sides of your temples and hold them there. To isolate your biceps, keep your elbows at shoulder height.

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