TRX workout straps - 5 effective exercises you can do using this - TRX workout straps - 5 effective exercises you can do using this -

TRX workout straps – 5 effective exercises you can do using this

trx workout straps

Well, before coming to the exercises first let us know what exactly are TRX workout straps briefly. TRX straps are based on suspension mechanisms and extensively make use of gravity as well as body weight for exercising.

All you have to do is fix these straps at some secure place and then perform the exercises. Targeting especially your core muscles, these straps also work equally good with your upper limb muscles.

Below are some exercises that you can perform using the TRX workout straps, also you can make some of your own and be creative –

Push Ups

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Forget the normal pushup where you have to keep your body in a plank position and then bend. In this new and TRX push-up, all you have to do is fix your feet in the strap with the plantar part facing upwards and then perform the normal push-ups.

This exercise majorly targets your arms, shoulders and chest. By using the strap, one is increasing the resistance greatly, thereby strengthening the muscles.

TRX Lpw Row

The all new TRX Low row exercise targets your core muscles, abdomens and biceps. What the person has to do is hold the straps in the hands with the palms facing towards each other and arms outstretched.

Now, the person needs to anchor all his body weight onto the heels by inclining low and then pull the body up to stand straight.

TRX Bicep Curl

A normal biceps curl is performed using the dumbbells. But here we have TRX straps. What a person got to do is hold the straps in the hand and then bend backwards putting all the body weight on the heels.

Then the person should pull himself up using the strap handles using only the arm muscles in a curling way. This will generate enough resistance for the bicep muscles of the forearm.

Chest Press TRX Style

Let us get rid of the old way to perform chest press exercise by using the new TRX workout straps. This exercise targets your arm and chest muscles. This is performed by holding the straps in the hand, the person standing with back facing the place where the straps are fixed.

Next the person performs the normal chest press exercise but by using the straps by bending forward and then pulling himself up with arms extended.

Lunges Using TRX

The normal lunges are absolutely great for your lower limb muscles and abdomen muscles. However, if you want a twist in your monotonous lunges then you can perform it using the TRX straps. This will not only target your lower limb and abdomen muscles but also will test your stability and balancing.

All you have to do is fix your feet or ankles in the stirrups of the straps and then perform the normal lunges.


So, here we are signing off from the amazing workout ideas using the TRX straps, which by the way are extremely beneficial for your resistance and strength training exercises.

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