Trx Rows – A Great Workout

trx rows exercise

Trx Rows Exercise is one of the best ways to work out the chest muscles. The trx resistance system provides a full-body workout, which can be achieved by using dumbbells and barbells. You can perform the exercise by lying down on the top bench and placing your feet flat on the floor, then raise yourself up by lifting your arms over your head, backwards and forward. As you raise your arms above your head you should feel the resistance through your shoulders, triceps, forearms, chest and abs. You will find that the trx rows exercise can help strengthen the upper body muscles of your chest.

You should ensure that you are using proper form when doing the trx upper body chest back workout. If the form is not followed the weight of your body can be sent flying out from the workout. This can result in injury. So, make sure that you get professional help if you are not sure about your form. A good trx suspension trainer workout can help you achieve your desired results within a very short period of time.

Trx Rows Exercise

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To begin the trx row you should first lift the dumbbells with your legs. Your arms should be at a right angle as they will be required for gripping the handles of the two bars. The upper portion of your body should be positioned correctly. Keep the tension throughout the workout by controlling the movement of the dumbbells. This will help you to develop good posture and balance.

While performing the two rows exercise you should ensure that your hands are placed close to each other, this would help you to keep a secure grip. You can also maintain a slight bend in your knees while keeping your arms close together. The distance between the feet should be equal to the distance between your shoulder and the dumbbells. It would be ideal if you kept the trx bars close to your body so that your elbows are slightly raised to make sure that your body is kept parallel to the floor throughout the entire workout.

Next, lower the dumbbells slowly to your sides. Your elbows should be kept slightly bent and you should not rotate your wrists. The lower portion of the trx rows should be performed under control. The tension should be maintained on both the upper and the lower portions of the trx dumbbells. You can continue the same position for a few seconds and then lower the dumbbells slowly and evenly to your side. Make sure that the dumbbells are lowered in such a manner that the palms of your hands face each other.

A Much Ado

You can do the trx rows exercise several times at your convenience. Always start off with a small group of dumbbells. As your trx dumbbells increase in number, you can try increasing the weights. If you do not have the required space at home or do not wish to buy expensive gym equipment, you can perform the rows in your car or bedside table. Make sure that you stretch your muscles properly before starting the exercise so that you do not injure yourself.

Make sure that you always stretch your muscles properly before and after performing the two dumbbells exercise. Dumbbells may be made of different materials. For instance, dumbbells made of steel or solid metal can give better resistance. Moreover, dumbbells made of carbon fibre can provide you with more flexibility. Therefore, you need to choose dumbbells according to the kind of training that you intend to do and use them accordingly.

Bottom Line 

With the help of the dumbbells, you can do various kinds of pull-ups. If you want to gain more strength, you can also do trx rows using dumbbells. In order to increase your flexibility and build your body mass, you should do the trx dumbbells exercise. You can easily find dumbbells for sale in a local store or on the internet. It is important that you choose dumbbells that are of the right size and perfect in design so that you do not have any problem while performing the two rows.

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