Trx Exercise Equipment – How To Keep Yourself Healthy The Trx Way

Trx Exercise Equipment

TRX method of exercise improves body strength, stability, and cardiovascular health, and it does not require any weightlifting or heavy exercises.

There are a lot of people that believe that to get a lean and muscular body. They have to lift heavy weights and perform extreme workouts. TRX exercise goes back to the early 2000s, as it was developed by Navy Seals first. Later, it caught a lot of attention of professional athletes, all the different militaries, Olympians, and gyms all over the world. It has a massive social media following of more than one million. TRX stands for total body resistance exercise, and it only uses suspension for full-body exercise. Listed below are the TRX exercise equipment and its uses.

TRX Exercise Equipment

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TRX suspension is specially designed for a full-body workout with heavy-duty straps, handles, foot cradles, and paddling. All of the TRX exercise equipment range from $190 to $250. The TRX HOME2 is used for endless bodyweight workouts. You can do it at home or even on the road. TRX PRO4 is very famous and is even used by many Olympians, pro athletes, and fitness fanatics. It is a very advanced and versatile suspension. It also includes adjustable foot cradles, upgraded webbing, and textured rubber handles. TRX TACTICAL is built for tactical professional and dedicated athletes. It is a very tough and rugged suspension and can be used in any environmental condition. TRX RIP TRAINER is a very challenging as well as versatile weighted bar and bungee system. It is mainly focused on improving your balance, building rotational power, and increasing stamina and core strength. It is very useful for golfers, climbers, or athletes.

How Does It Work?

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It works by challenging your body and forces the core to perform each exercise. It helps a lot in improving balance and overall strength. There are six major TRX exercise equipment body positions that incorporate seven basic movements, such as SF, which stands for stand facing anchor point that helps in pulling, squat, rotate, and hinge, SFA which stands for stand facing away from the anchor point, which helps in pushing, lunge, and rotates. There are more of them, such as SSW, GF, GFA, and GSW.

Effectiveness Of TRX Exercise Equipment

You must be wondering about the effectiveness and we advise you to learn about it apart from considering the equipment for being one of the recommended equipment by the trainers. This training claims to be an effective workout program. ACE even suggests it as a good alternative to traditional exercise modalities. As the reports presented by ACE, which included 16 men and women, it was found that TRX exercise equipment helps with body-fat percentage, waist circumference, resting systolic blood pressure, and resting diastolic blood pressure.


TRX exercise equipment is used and recommended by many professionals because it is cheaper than the others and way better for many people. Trying to stay fit and healthy is quite important especially considering you can have this equipment at home and get the kind of workout you might only experience at the gym, right at home.

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