Trx Circuit Workout – An Effective Workout Program

trx circuit workout

She told me no, that we needed to work on those first before moving on to the other categories. OK, so, just a minute or two thought here. Just to let you know, there are actually three cool downs in a trx circuit workout.

First, there’s the easy walk. This exercise is done while on your way to the starting point of your trx circuit workout. You can use a light weight (such as a pound weight or old dumbbells) or even a light rope. What’s great about this workout is that it works the whole body. It is great for toning your arms, back, abs, shoulders and everything else that you need to tone for a sport or fitness program. 

Second, there’s the standing facing away from the anchor (SF) 10 reps. This is used for the intermediate category. Use a heavier weight but don’t use a dumbbell.

The Standing Facing In Towards The Starting Point

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Third, there’s the standing facing in towards the starting point (OF) trx circuit workouts. For this exercise, I would recommend using a heavier weight than what you used for the previous exercises. This one exercises for your upper body. Do the exercises for the first three rounds, then count the number of reps you can do for the next three rounds. That’s all! That’s a three round circuit workout that targets the upper body.

Fourth, there’s my favorite – a printable class plan that I have created for myself and my friends. It’s a PDF file. You can print it out at home or get it downloaded onto your computer. That way you can bring it along with you while going to the park or anywhere else.

A Lot Of People Get Bored

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A lot of people get bored after just one session of the training and go back to their old ways of doing things. They continue to use dumbbells for the bench press and other upper body exercises and ignore other important parts of this training like a calf, hamstring, back, shoulder and neck workouts. The body must have resistance to burn the fat faster. If you are not pushing yourself with these exercises, then you aren’t burning any calories at all. A good workout should always be a combination of exercises targeting different parts of the body for optimal results.

The Plank

My favorite exercise is the plank. This is used by many top trainers as a core builder and to work on stability. Plank is done by facing either direction. When performing the plank position, your feet should be placed flat on the floor and your hands should be placed flat on the ground as well. Your elbows should be kept at 90 degrees to this, and you should lean forward slightly so that you’re looking straight ahead.

For this exercise, I prefer to perform the exercise facing forward because I feel more confident that my body weight is being distributed correctly. However, if you are new to using the top equipment, I recommend that you do both workouts facing your rear because this is what will build most of the muscle you need to build a muscular, athletic body. You also want to make sure you’re using proper form when performing this exercise. So print out a printable class plan and follow it.

A Rope Push-Up

The second exercise we’re going to perform is a rope push-up. For this exercise, you’ll use a standard suspension trainer. You’ll want to position yourself underneath the bench press bar with your legs spread as you would for a bench press. Push-ups are performed by simply placing your palms on the floor a few inches away from your body, and your feet just below the ankles.

As with the previous exercise, you want to try to keep your back straight and your head down. Keep your shoulders squared with the floor. Perform the workout as normal, pushing up as high as you can without feeling any pain in your shoulders or upper body. As you get more comfortable with the exercise, you can adjust the distance between your hands and arms so that you’re using more of your body weight for this exercise. Print out a printable circuit workout plan and follow it to create an effective workout program.

Final Words

Finally, you can increase the difficulty of your trx circuit class by adjusting the weights or resistance. This is done by lowering the weight plates to the ground. You do not have to use dumbbells or machines; you can perform the workout by using your own body weight. If you are using weight plates, you will need to make sure that the plates are held securely above the ground by utilizing a weight belt. With a standard suspension trainer, you simply lower the weights to the surface, making sure that your trx instructor is right behind you so that he/she can spot you when you’re doing the actual exercise. Be sure to warm up before the actual workout begins, and remember to always follow your instructor’s instructions to ensure that you do not hurt yourself during the exercise.

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