6 Helpful TRX Band Workouts For You In 2020

6 Helpful TRX Band Workouts For You In 2020

Before you embark on a journey to know about the various workouts you can do with TRX bands, let’s first see a bit about these fantastic exercising pieces of equipment.

TRX In A Nutshell

TRX means Total Body Resistance Exercise. And TRX bands are the tools used to give suspension training to provide your body the kind of strength, flexibility, and balance that one always looks for. Plus, there are many effective ways in which you can use this excellent tool to stay fit in any part of this world miraculously.

How Does TRX Work?

All the workouts performed with TRX bands involves the use of the gravitational force that generates during the exercise. So, you work against gravity to build your muscles with the help of these bands.  Here are the six best ways in which you can use TRX bands, and you would surely love it.

6 Really Helpful TRX Exercises For You In 2020
6 Helpful TRX Band Workouts For You In 2020

Low RiseTRX Band Exercise

This is one of the workouts that even a novice fitness lover will enjoy doing. In this, first, you anchor the TRX band appropriately at the place of exercise. During this exercise, your chest is in the front, and with both hands, you are holding both the ends of the TRX band, then with the help of the force of gravity, push the body down and then pull it up.

Press Chest TRX Band Exercise

This TRX exercise will help you in strengthening the chest. To do this, you have to face forward, holding the band with both hands. After that, you have to bend down so that your hands are behind and face downwards. After that, pull yourself upwards. Repeat this exercise again and again.

Squat and Fly TRX Exercise

Hold the TRX and sit down while putting all the weight on the stirrup, then spread your arms while lifting. By doing this, you will get a good workout of your thigh and arms.

TRX Tricep Press

To do this exercise, hold the TRX band firmly and then pull the strip downwards, bringing your arms from near your head. There will be some burning sensation in your hand during this practice. But it is said that sometimes there is victory ahead of pain! After all, whether you want to strengthen your triceps or not?

6 Helpful TRX Band Workouts For You In 2020
6 Helpful TRX Band Workouts For You In 2020

One Hand Pull TRX Band Exercise

During this practice, you have to use one hand at a time. Hold the stirrup with one hand, pull it with full force, while keeping the body stable, keep the other side straight downwards.

TRX Band Exercise For Hamstring

Keep your back on the ground. During this time, your feet remain in the stirrup. With your back on the ground, both your arms should also touch the ground. Meanwhile, keep your hips as high as possible. There may be some pain in your hamstrings during this time, but this pain is proof that you are doing the exercise correctly because it is not a pain but a necessary process for strengthening your hamstring.


Keep in mind that all the practice methods mentioned in this article are very beneficial for you if done correctly. But still, our advice is that you do these exercises only with the help of an experienced TRX band trainer so that you do not suffer any harm.

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