Trx Back Exercises For The Best Result

trx back exercises

TRX back exercises are known to be very effective in building big muscle groups such as your chest, shoulders, arms, back, legs and even abs. The reason why this exercise is very popular among bodybuilders is because it helps build a strong core. This exercise is also used to help develop functional strength. Aside from that, this exercise also helps improve posture and balance.

When doing this exercise, make sure that you are working on the muscle group with heavy weights. Start by having a barbell in each hand. Position yourself with your feet hip distance apart and your knees slightly bent. You will then use one arm at a time to hold the barbell and your opposite arm to do the pull down. When lifting the weights, use your legs to guide the weights up to your chest. Do not use one leg for pulling down and only use one arm for the actual lift.

Good Body Weight And Core Strength

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These trx back exercises require you to have good body weight and core strength. These two qualities are needed in order for you to perform these workouts perfectly. You can strengthen your back and abdominal muscles by using the straps. The good thing about using the straps is that they can also help stretch out the tendons in your shoulders and lats. Stretching is an important aspect in every workout. Most bodyweight exercises usually just work out the outer muscles of your body.

In this workout, you will use two trx straps at a time instead of using one. The straps are actually attachments of a trampoline machine. You do not need to worry about cables and weights when using these trx back exercises since the trampoline suspension trainer will do the work for you. By using the suspension trainer, you will be able to strengthen your legs and increase your body’s endurance.

Build Up Your Hip Flexors, Glutes, And Quads

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Another good thing about these trx back exercises is that it will help you to build up your hip flexors, glutes, and quads. These muscles are important since they act as the engine that drives your legs and upper body. Since these muscles are underdeveloped in most people, you can improve your physique by performing this exercise. It will not only tone your upper body, but it will also strengthen your core muscles as well.

To perform this exercise, lie on your back and lift your legs straight up with your feet flat on the ground. Keep your upper body straight and don’t bend your knees. Bring both of your hands underneath your shoulders and place your hands right below your head. You should be working on a stable platform beneath your armpits; a platform made of a chair would be ideal.

You can also do the trx back exercises while sitting down; just lift your legs straight up and bring them back to your chest. You can then alternate between using your lower back and your upper back to lift your legs. While doing this exercise, you should work on keeping your neck at an angle that is comfortable. In order to do this, you should raise both of your arms over your head and hold them there until you feel the tension in your neck.

Traditional Overhead Squat Exercise

The last one of the trx back exercises that you can do is the traditional overhead squat exercise. This exercise works on the major muscle groups in your lower back, which includes the deltoids, triceps, and biceps. You can do this exercise by lifting your legs straight up and then lowering them slowly while breathing into your belly.

Wrapping Up

This is a very effective way to work on developing your upper body and working on your core.

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