The Health and Fitness Exercise Program by Sue Grafton

body fitness exercise

Body Fitness Exercise is an integral part of sports therapy and beauty. In this second revised edition of her classic text, Mo Rosser has revised up-to-date material with increased emphasis on current fitness, outlining the potential risks of improper exercise techniques and stressing the importance of a well-devised, effective exercise plan. With improved graphics, text and charts, this second edition of Mo Rosser’s book continues to help readers become healthier, thinner and fitter. The book’s first version was published in paperback in 1999 and was a huge success.

An Overview

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Like all the best books, the new Body Fitness Exercise is no exception. It takes into account recent developments in nutrition and exercise and explains how this information applies to our bodies. The good news is that the original version was far more comprehensive than the second edition. The revised second edition covers even more territory. This includes a thorough discussion of body composition, exercise requirements for healthy bodies, including aerobic activity for fitness, and safety considerations. The book now incorporates a safety brief on the use of nutritional supplements.

The first chapter covers nutrition and body fitness in general, looking at the relationship between diet and fitness. The chapters include information on calories needed, the body’s requirement for fuel and nutrients, what nutrients to eat, the types of food we need, including carbohydrates, fats, protein, and fat-free or low-fat dairy products, and a short discussion on the relationship between exercise and nutrition. There is also a useful discussion about the use of nutritional supplements. It goes into detail about what to look for when buying them, including dosage, contraindications and precautions, and the recommended amounts and proportions.

Health And Fitness Exercise Programs

The second chapter covers exercises for body fitness. It starts with a short discussion on fitness and body building, covering topics like kettlebells, weights, resistance training and bodybuilding supplements. There are chapters on how to get started, and fitness equipment, plus details of the different kinds of exercises: cardio, strength training, core training, and flexibility training. There is also a detailed discussion of nutrition, discussing the need for protein, calcium, fiber, and fat. There are also a safety brief on the use of supplements, as well as some general safety advice.

The third chapter looks at body fat. It reviews body measurements, discusses body fat measurement equipment, and gives some recommendations for losing body fat. There is also a safety brief on the use of exercise DVDs and monitors, and information on using fat loss pills. There is also a brief discussion of body sculpting and body fitness sculpting. It discusses the benefits of body sculpting exercises, including those that use resistance, balance, and medicine balls.

The fourth chapter covers fitness and body fitness exercise for women. The author talks about choosing an exercise program, and explains how to choose fitness exercises that are best for your body type. The author also explains the basics of body fitness exercise equipment.

In The End

There is also a glossary of exercises at the end of each chapter. At the end of each chapter there is also a link to the next index page, and a definition of the terms used in the fitness exercise program. This book comes with a CD-ROM. The author discusses many issues including motivation, scheduling, equipment, and home fitness exercise programs. The author provides a comprehensive workout program that includes fitness exercises for women as well as men.

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