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planet fitness body enhancement

Before understanding about its performance lets us first know what is creatine? In what way does it help us? How can we consume it? Creatine is an organic nitrogenous acid which occurs naturally in our vertebrates. It helps in recycling the ATP-adenosine triphosphate, the main power house of the body helps in pumping energy into cell tissues. Find out how creatine boosts Planet Fitness Body Enhancement.

How Creatine Boosts Exercise Performance

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Although it is produced in our vertebrates, in order to push the energy in muscles and for other major reasons creatine is available artificially. Naturally our body can make 1gram of creatine per day. We usually consume creatine from our food especially present in meat, beef, salmon and pork etc. There are varieties of procedures followed in consuming creatine. The most famous and commonly used method is Front Load with large dose and then followed by maintenance dose. The main reason behind consuming is to saturate the creatine stores in your muscle tissues. The method is simple and more effective in its application. At first high dose is taken say 20-25 grams per day is evenly taken at regular intervals of time i.e. by consuming 4-5grams per 5 hours a day. After 5-6 days you eventually get habituated to that dose so you can maintain that by taking 5 grams a day. Creatine is available in powder form and it can be mixed with water, fruit juice or protein shakes. This method is best suited and prescribed by most of the doctors.

How does Creatine strengthen Exercise Performance

The main application of creatine is to enrich the energy levels in muscle tissues. Usually many come across the problem in run out of energy during their high intensity workouts. Do you know the major reason behind it? It’s due to lack of adenosine trisulphate (ATP) the ‘energy currency’ in the human body. ATP is the basic form in energy cell. During a heavy work out we run out of energy very quickly at that time ATP acts as limiting factor. Then our body utilizes the creatine store present in our muscles. But most of the other function also uses creatine called ‘creatine phosphate’ acts in enhancing the ATP in the human body, by giving muscle cells the power to produce energy. Ultimately presence of creatine is proportion to strengthening the performance of your exercises. Here creatine not only helps in strengthening the performance but also helps in increasing the muscle power.

Most researchers suggest that creatine is regarded as one of the best supplement for high intensity exercise. It is best suited for most of the people. But as we all know that everything has both positive and negative impact; similarly let us know some of its effects.

Positive Effect

• Helps in supplementing energy by providing additional ATP energy.

• Improves high intensity exercises performance especially helpful for athletics.

• Enhances the performance in other important muscle functions by improving muscular weight, accelerate other key functions.

• Studies show that creatine can help in improving numerous factors say strength, sprint ability, ballistic power, muscle endurance, resistance to fatigue or tiredness, brain performance etc.

• Help in recovering from Parkinson’s disease where decrease in levels of dopamine increases results in nerve and cell damage, loss of muscle function and other impairments.

• It can also help in other neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s, ischemic stroke, epilepsy, Brain and spinal cord injuries.

• Can help in lowering sugar levels, as it’s a great boon for diabetic patients.

Negative Effect

• There is a notion that over dose of creatine may harm kidney, liver, and heart.

• Some time it caused muscles to draw water from rest of the body and might cause stomach pain, nausea, muscle cramping.


Overall it’s a good medicine to strengthen the exercise performance. But anything excess might harm us so a systematic usage of creatine showers with good results.

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