Lower Body Workouts For Guys That Will Help You Build Strength Faster

lower body workouts

Depending on your ultimate goals, the possibilities of lower body workouts are pretty much endless. When you start, you will want to take things slowly from lightly to get a balanced workout heavily. When starting, you should use free weights instead of machines. Remember to lock your form in; you do not want to build up the illusion of power by racking up weight quickly.

How To Design Your Workout?

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Your lower body workouts should be designed around a variety of exercises. Your activities will be a lot easier if you have a wide variety of exercises to perform. This allows you to mix it up quickly and not get bored with doing the same exercises again. If you have a spotter, they can help by showing you good techniques and helping you perform the activities correctly. They will also be able to spot you when you miss a rep or do an exercise that seems too difficult at first.

Weighted Pull-Ups And Shoulder Presses

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Weighted pull-ups and shoulder presses are very popular lower body workouts that focus mainly on pulling muscles. These exercises target the deltoids, chest, triceps, biceps, forearms, calves, and abs. They can be performed with dumbbells, barbells, and even with a stability ball. The idea behind all these exercises is to push the muscle fibers through their full range of motion using tension as resistance. As the muscle gets used to the uncertainty, it will become more robust and more powerful.

Perform Deep Knee Bends

Another essential part of any workout routine for the lower body is to perform deep knee bends. Bend the knees at a 90-degree angle while keeping your feet shoulder-width apart. Next, bend your arms to perform a standing push up where your palms should be facing inward while your elbows are placed on the floor.

Lightweights Or Spotter

You don’t need heavy weights or even a spotter to get started with a lower-body workout routine. Lightweights or a spotter is enough to get your heart pumping and to warm up before heavier workouts. To get started, perform five to ten sets of twenty-yard dips, one to two sets of twenty-yard extensions, and one to two sets of twenty-yard reverse crunches. These workouts will warm up your body and prepare you for the subsequent heavier weights you will be lifting.

Start Your Upper Body Exercises

After you’ve warmed up your muscles, it’s time to start your upper body exercises. This is where many people falter and fail with their workouts. While most guys think that doing squats, bench presses, and deadlifts are necessary for building enormous muscles, they are not the best program for you. They do nothing for muscle growth.

Stimulate Muscle Growth

What you need to be doing to stimulate muscle growth is high-intensity interval training (HIIT). HIIT exercises give your body an intense workout within a short period. Most guys do these wrong by doing dozens of reps of each activity to stimulate muscle growth. Instead, do two sets of ten to fifteen reps of as many locations as you can handle in thirty seconds. Use a spotter if you have one since they can help you get out of the best possible positions.

Final Tip

Lunges are another excellent workout routine. Lunges target the lower body, but they also target your core, which helps you to avoid injuries. Lunges work the front, middle, and back of your hips, so this makes them excellent for building core strength. If done correctly, lunges can take up to fifteen minutes, so try for about eight to ten minutes at a time.

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