List of some best TRX Abs Workouts which you need to know - List of some best TRX Abs Workouts which you need to know -

List of some best TRX Abs Workouts which you need to know

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On the counter, the TRX Suspension Trainer looks quite demure but the two suspended straps are the best form of exercise to boost up your abs and core strength. To boost your back, core, balance, and posture strength you should tone up your six-packs. Your every move requires that you need to be in a perfect plank position when you are on TRX because you need to maintain a straight line from the head to the heels. You need to activate your glutes, quads, and hamstrings for getting the most out of your workout on TRX. You should look for modifications to perform your every move perfectly and with safety. We are listing below a few trx exercises which will help boost your abs and core strength.

TRX Pikes-

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By challenging your core and stability as well as your abdominal muscles, this exercise will help you to strengthen your core. According to the size of your spike, you can adjust the intensity of your exercise. You can build strength for more advanced exercises like handstand with the help of this exercise.

TRX Automatic Pushups-

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Followed by a crunch this exercise is essentially a push-up exercise. Not only does this exercise benefit to boost your core strength but also it works magic for your shoulders, chest, and hip flexors. By performing the push-ups with your knees a beginner can modify this exercise.

TRX Hamstring Runners-

It generally looks like a mountain climber but the only exception is that you do it on your back. As this exercises’ name suggests it is best suited to boost your hamstrings. This exercise is also good for your glutes, lower back, and core because in this exercise not only your hamstring will be involved but also your hips will be raised throughout the exercise. By adding resistance and moving away from the suspension point, you can make this exercise harder. You need to bend both your legs towards your body to make this exercise easier for you.

Side planks by TRX-

This exercise employs your abdominal muscles especially the oblique, just like a regular side plank will do. The only difference will be that your feet will be in the trx rather than on the floor to help stabilize your body. Both on your hand or your elbow you can perform this plank.

Oblique Crunches by Trx-

You need to engage not only for abdominal muscle but also the small stabilizing muscle in your core to help you perform these crunches on the trx. It is suggested to perform crunches at a slow pace if you want to make this exercise harder.


We have listed down the five best abs workouts carried out on Trx there are many other exercises as well. If you want to know everything about the trx abs workouts, stay tuned.

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