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Leg Workouts: TRX Exercise You Must Know

Leg Workouts: TRX Exercise You Must Know

Leg workouts are essentially the first step to tone your overall body. These workouts take a lot of energy as the leg muscles are the largest in your body. So one can say that the leg day in the gym is a must go to. If you have strong legs, you will be able to do a lot of things with ease. For instance, picking up a heavy object from the floor or pushing a broken car. Your strong legs are very important if you are an athlete or like sports as a hobby.

Top TRX Leg Workouts

Leg Workouts: TRX Exercise You Must Know
Leg Workouts: TRX Exercise You Must Know

The TRX leg workouts are a mixture of a variety of leg exercises one can think. They put enough pressure on your legs and tone them up for good.

The TRX Lunges

  1. Plyo Lunges – This exercise suits well for your heavy legs. Ensure you have your back straight and have no injury. You will have to hold the TRX band and pull your body down. One leg bent and the other one goes far behind. Keep doing it for thirty to sixty seconds.
  2. Floating TRX Lunge – In this form of a lunge, once again you have to hold the suspension band. Next, you have to keep one leg straight while the other one bends at the knee and goes backward. This action focuses on individual legs separately.
  3. Floating Lunge + Knew Drive-InIn this form, you will do a complete lunge along with jumping on the leg for a split second.
  4. Foot Cradle Lunges – You will have to put one of your feet into the TRX band and push it backward. In the meanwhile, your other leg will continue doing a lunge.
  5. Pylo Foot Cradle Lunge – You will be doing a regular pylo lunge by putting one of your legs in the TRX band.

The Squats And Crossbacks Of TRX Leg Workouts

  1. Pylo Squat – For Pylo Squat, you have to hold the TRX bands firmly with both hands. The next step is to jump and do squats.
  2. Pistol Squat – Hold the TRX band tightly while doing the squats. However in this, one of your legs will come forward while doing the squat.
  3. Cross Backs – For this particular type of exercise, you have to hold the bands and squat. But the trick is that you have to push one of your legs backward.
  4. Cross Back/ Knee Drive – In addition to doing cross back, you will need to kick with one of your knees. Afterward, push your leg backward.
  5. Cross Back Pistol – This is a combination of both the cross backs but gets complicated in this step. You will have to push the same leg forward before pushing it backward.
Leg Workouts: TRX Exercise You Must Know
Leg Workouts: TRX Exercise You Must Know

And Finally, The Bridges, Curls, and Climbers

Bridges are the most common form of leg workouts. You just have to put their feet into the bands. The curls are about pedaling as fast as you can be in the bridge position. You can also put one of your legs up while doing the bridge workout for extra pressure. Last but not least is the climber which is also in the bridge position. You have to push your body against the climbing act.

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