How to Use Trx Exercise Bands

Trx Exercise Bands

TRX or the Total Resistance Exercise band refers to a highly-suspended strap designed to help you work out or exercise using, utilizing your body weight to develop your muscle and strength.

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It is also not just your muscle and power that are growing, but your stability since you need to balance yourself as the TRX exercise band is the only thing that supports you. TRX exercise bands are usually hung on a ceiling or a secured bar, so when you lean with it, the strap will be able to hold your body.

However, those perks will not come to you if you will not utilize the TRX exercise bands. Steps should be taken to use the bands. That is why listed below are the steps on how to use the suspended traps.

Choose the weight that suits you

Some have higher suspension, unlike the others, which means that you need more strength to pull the band and exercise with it. That is why choosing the right weight for you would help you exercise so that the TRX band that you are using will not feel heavier or lighter when you try to use it.

However, you could progressively increase its weight as time goes by, as long as your body is already conditioned.

Position it properly

Different exercises need different altitudes or sturdiness for you to hang or anchor your TRX bands. For example, doing push-ups with the bands require you to dangle it in a higher bar while doing planks or squats needs it to be lowered.

Do proper Exercises

You can still do the regular exercises even with TRX bands, for it, will help you in utilizing your body weight for your workout. However, some activity or work out training can change if you use the strap. For example, you can do a standing push up while using the TRX bands as it can hold your body upwards; you have to maintain your balance.

Add Dumbbells to your Exercises

Using dumbbells as an additional component to your TRX exercise will help you have another source of weight and pressure. You can utilize the dumbbell by holding it with the hand you are using to pull the strap. However, if you think that you are uncomfortable doing exercises with dumbbells, then you could just slash it out because it will do no good to your body. Remember that exercise as your own phase.

Also, do now go for massive dumbbells right off the bat for it will overdo your body. Instead, condition yourself first to the light dumbbells, and then progressively make it heavier.

Once again, make sure you use the right weight for you, and just slowly increase the weight of the TRX band. Anchor it nicely and tightly in the right position, in accordance with the exercises you will do. Do proper exercises like push up, curl up, lunges, etc. Add dumbbells for extra weight if you are unsatisfied. Do everything at your own pace, you do not need to rush things.

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