How to Make Leg Band Workout to Achieve Quick Results

A leg band workout helps to build up the larger muscle groups of your lower body. The glutes, hamstrings and quadriceps are three of the most used muscle groups when it comes to weight lifting. They provide strength to your legs as well as your arms. Your hamstrings are primarily located on the back of your thighs. By training these muscles you will be strengthening them which will help them when it comes to running, cycling, swimming and climbing.

An Overview

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It is important to use leg band workout to target the larger muscles in your lower body. When using resistance bands, this provides a full range of motion which is essential when performing exercises for the lower body. By using resistance bands you can perform a full range of motion, which means that each muscle group has been properly worked out. These bands are effective at strengthening your quads, glutes and hamstring muscles. In addition to strengthening these muscles you will also improve your core stability.

Many people struggle with their balance support while performing exercises for the lower body. Many people often suffer from an imbalanced girdle which affects their balance. This can be very stressful, and many people need to take action to restore their balance. Leg and arm resistance bands are an effective way to correct this posture.

Main Exercises 

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There are two main exercises which involve using resistance bands for balance support. The first exercise is squatting. To perform the squat you must first step up to a chair. Next you must place the band across the top of the ball and then use the momentum of the weight to pull yourself towards the chair. Once you are in the sitting position, ensure that your lower legs are extended.

Next you should rotate your pelvis and feet so that you are now facing towards the ceiling. You should then inhale for six seconds and exhale for twelve seconds. This should be done twenty times and then you should repeat this pattern four more times. This should be repeated on the left leg and then the right leg.

Next you should lift your legs with your chest upright and your abdominal muscles engaged. You should maintain your knees slightly bent throughout the movement. To perform the plank exercise you should first lift your torso with your legs so that your chest is up. Next you should do the standard squatting movement with your chest up and your abdominals engaging.

There are a number of other leg exercises which can be performed using mini loop resistance bands. You should ensure that you warm up correctly prior to undertaking any workout with these bands as failure to do so can lead to injury. When you are warming up you should include some walking around on the balls of your feet. You should also engage the abs for good posture when exercising to prevent any injury to the lower back.

Make Great Performance 

When you have completed one set of leg band leg workouts without a break then you should switch to another band and continue to perform thirty-second exercises with it for a one minute. This allows the muscles to warm up and fully engage when required. One minute of leg exercises with a band can tone and strengthen all the leg muscles in the body for a period of one month. The bands can be purchased from any health and fitness store or on the internet.

Other leg exercise routines that incorporate the use of resistance bands include seated leg extension and route bridges. Glute bridges are done by kneeling down on a stability ball while lying on the floor with the knees bent. The knees must be bent and you should hold onto the ball with both hands for support. With the knees slightly bent, the upper body is forced to lift the buttocks off the floor. The legs are then brought up to the abdominal muscles and contracted for two seconds before returning to the original position.

Situps are another type of leg exercises which are great leg workout routines. They require you to sit down with your knees bent and feet flat on the ground. The lower back must be held onto the floor to prevent the body from tilting forward. The upper body is lifted up off the floor by the stomach muscles contracting for two seconds before returning to the original position. A mini loop resistance band can be used for additional assistance during setup.


Lunges are great for increasing your leg strength. Lunges are performed by standing up straight with both feet placed shoulder width apart. The upper body is kept in place through the pulling of the hip flexors and the entire movement is completed by the knees being bent and the back remaining flat as a board. A mini cable loop can be used to assist with lunges as well.

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