Body Enhancement Planet Fitness – Keeping Yourself Fit Enough

body enhancement planet fitness

Planet fitness has added a franchise known as total body enhancement that is lace with red light therapy technology. Total body enhancement or body enhancement is the name given to a red light therapy designed especially for their use in planet fitness gyms across the country. It has a vibrating booth with a footplate that helps the people to be in a perfect position. This booth is not designed to be used with any kind of UV light source. The booth provides a blast of rejuvenating red light to the users. The vibrating plate is a 100% physiological method for people of any age to achieve their fitness goals. The best time to use a body enhancement booth would be post-workout as it shakes up the muscles and provides full-body therapy. You can know more about this body enhancement plan of planet fitness by the below-mentioned points.

Body Enhancement Planet Fitness – How To Use

The body enhancement plan comes with a user guide that suggests people remove all their jewelry including any piercings, and for best results, people should remove their makeup as well. Users are supposed to stand up straight in the center of the device and bend their knees slightly during the application. Wearing eye protection or keeping your eyes closed is recommended during the therapy process to avoid any strain on the eyes. You can use overhead straps for support and to increase muscle tension for enhanced processing. You will have to use the controller to control the body enhancement machine.

Body Enhancement Planet Fitness – When To Use

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You can use it anytime and any number of times during the day. Red light therapy stimulates natural repair and reduces inflammation that is caused because of lifting weights or after a hard cardiovascular workout. The vibrating platform acts as a massager by loosening up your muscles post-workout. This body enhancement planet fitness can be used solely and not just after a workout as the therapy is refreshing and you can do it 2-3 times for 12 minutes over 90 days for better results.

Body Enhancement Planet Fitness – Other Factors

If you are using the machine for vibration, gym wear or regular sportswear is fine. But if you want to gain the advantage of the red light therapy, then you must expose the areas where you want the light to directly hit as the red light does not get past the clothes. Some people should not use body enhancement exercise like people with pacemakers, whose body weight is more than 300 lbs, pregnant women, etc.


You must use the machine under proper guidance and should be aware of the pros and cons of the red light therapy as it might cause some itching on the surface. Thus, if you are fully aware of the process, then it is a perfect way to benefit from the use of light therapy. It is your responsibility to focus on your body and well-being and always make sure you are not overdoing any of the workouts or using products before testing it for suitability for your body type.

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