Best Four TRX training exercises for your abs - Best Four TRX training exercises for your abs -

Best Four TRX training exercises for your abs

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TRX is a developed exercise by a former Navy SEAL that stands for total body resistance exercise. It does not have any new pose you should put your body in. Gravity and body mass do most of the work in this exercise. What you have to do is anchor your free part while doing exercise to a TRX Strap that is tied on a secure spot. And in doing so part of your body will be suspended. That makes any simple exercise challenging.

1. The Upside-Down V

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Put your feet into the TRX buckle and confront the ground with your palms in a linear fashion.. Lift your ass in the air until your body forms an upside down V if your feet stay in one place. Stay in that position and rest for 10 seconds and then repeat. This is a good fitness practise for your abdominal muscles and additional treatment.

2. Three way row

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If anybody knows a thing or two, it’s celebrity swimmer Natalie Coughlin, about the sculpting of rock-solid shoulders. She has also posted some of her go-to motives, like the three-in-one drill. She’s a TRX enthusiast. This motion takes a look at the mind and the body in three different ways. Your plan of action: Turn with your palms up for a few reps, then switch to a palm-faced ram for some reps, and turn down your palms for a few reps (Natalie suggests 3 representatives per grip).

3. Suspended Knee Tucks

Get in the suspension straps securely on the ground foot in the pushing role for the feet frequently. Rock your thighs without lifting the extremities or torso on your shoulders. Keep your place as far as practicable for five seconds after tucking your knees. Stretch out your legs slowly and straight. Sit still in the middle, repeat 5 to 10 moves.

4. Y FLY

Take the TRX handles and extend overhead arms into a Y-facing handle. Lie on the heels until the body shapes a diagonal axis. Remove your arms until almost your palms are reached. Pull your body back to your feet with the hips and extend your arms back to a “Y” as you do. You can feel your back muscles working from “under” to Y and your abs will help to maintain steady movement.


Take measures while doing these exercises as there’s a slight risk of muscle sprains while doing so because TRX exercises are fun to do but at the same time it’s challenging since half of our body mass is suspended in air while doing most of these exercises.

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