Best Back and Bicep Workout Equipment Planet Fitness Has to Offer

back and bicep workout planet fitness

The Back and Biceps Workout by Planet Fitness is an easy-to-use home fitness workout tool that will get your workout on track. Whether you are a man or woman, the human body is built for one thing: to build strong, muscular back muscles. But for many people, building the muscles in their back is difficult due to a number of reasons, such as lack of strength in their back from a bad injury, age, or just plain overworking the area. If you don’t have the time or strength to work at your workouts at home, you can find a quality gym that offers an effective and safe Back and Bicep Workout routine.

Back and Bicep Work Equipment

Workout Equipment

This workout routine allows you to target specific groups of muscles in your back and arms. You’ll be able to get started with a full body workout in just minutes, which means you’ll get results fast. When working out with this body sculpting routine, you will work the entire body. No longer will you have to worry about lifting weights, carrying dumbbells, or otherwise trying to bulk up your muscles like other body builders. This type of workout routine works all of the muscles in your body, leaving you with a smooth and toned back and shoulders.

While working out, you will use free weights, machines, exercise tubing, resistance bands, and more to help you exercise your body. You may want to start off with a simple weight workout routine using hand weights. You may want to begin with weights slowly, working your way up to a more challenging workout routine as your muscles grow. When beginning a new workout routine, it is best to start off slow, working your way up. This way, if your body gives you any trouble, you can pull-start right away and prevent injury.

After warming up, you will move on to the bicep curls. Begin this workout by sitting straight in a chair with your feet positioned flat on the floor. Then, without taking your hands off of the handles of the bicep curl machine, slowly lower the weights to your chest. Do not rush your biceps, allowing them to warm-up.

Once you complete the back and bicep workout, you will then move onto the tricep pushdown. To do the tricep pushdown, begin by laying flat on your back with your legs crossed behind your head. With your arms extended in front of you, bring each arm across your body until they are pointing towards the ceiling. Next, lower the weights slowly to your sides, making sure that your elbows do not flare out at your fingertips.

Moving onto the tricep fly, simply bring your arms out to your sides, forming a triangle with your hands. Tuck your elbows back under your body and make sure that your biceps and triceps hold themselves firm. Slowly return the weight to your original position and repeat on the other side, performing three sets for sixteen repetitions.

For the back and bicep workout, try the same exercises as for the tricep workout, but this time for each of the two muscle groups. This will require you to alternate between the back and bicep exercise. Begin this workout by laying flat on your back with both of your knees bent, with heels on the floor. Hold the shoulders up with your arms crossed. Slowly bring your body back to the beginning position and repeat.

End note

Workout Equipment

If your back and bicep workout does not include a lunge or low pulley movement, you can add one by moving slowly through a steady pace. Your knees should be almost together at shoulder width. Push your hips outwards slightly and slowly return to the beginning position. You will be amazed at how much additional space will be created in your torso.

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