Arm Workouts For Beginners: TRX Style - Tips and Ideas

Arm Workouts For Beginners: TRX Style

Arm Workouts For Beginners: TRX Style

Arm workouts are very much in demand these days. The women mostly, look for easy and quick ways to reduce those bulky fat arms. It is a dream for most middle-aged women to have toned arms. It is not their fault for obsessing over thin arms. The media portrays women’s beauty in a specified way and we cannot get over them. However, besides the beauty aspect, having toned arms and therefore a toned body will benefit men and women both in terms of good health.

TRX is easy to understand and apply the system to get those good looking muscles out and cut the fat. This training system does not pose high risks of getting injured or breaking a bone. It was developed by a Navy seal called Randy Hetrick and the fitness world cannot stop thanking him.

5 Types Of TRX Arm Workouts

Arm Workouts For Beginners: TRX Style
Arm Workouts For Beginners: TRX Style

The TRX community has developed many different forms of exercise for the body. Each one can replace hardcore weight lifting and have shown major proofs.

First, TRX Row Arm Workouts

In this exercise, the person has to hold the end of the suspended rope nice and tight. Then get their body in the suspended position. They can choose to bend low to make the exercise harder too. One has to keep the feet in one position and pull the body forward. The wrist has to be straight without bending it inward. This exercise helps to strengthen the muscles of the arms.

Second, TRX Bicep Curl

Similar to the row arm workout, you have to hold the rope tight. You cannot afford to slacken as it will directly affect the quality of your exercise and you will not be able to get those ripped muscles. After that, you have to suspend your body at a forty-five-degree angle and pull your body up to your ears. Then go back to the same position. This exercise helps in working out your entire arm.

Third, TRX Letters Arm Workouts

TRX letters workout works out your arms, back, shoulder blades and chest. You can make letters Y, W and T. All you have to do is to suspend your body like the previous exercises and pull your arms wide in upper and lower directions. You can do many several letters with this exercise according to your creativity and comfort.

Arm Workouts For Beginners: TRX Style
Arm Workouts For Beginners: TRX Style

Fourth, TRX Chest Press

You have to turn away from the TRX rope to perform this exercise. It is very similar to doing a normal bench press, except that you will need to use your arms and abs and push back and in. You can push back your feet depending on your ease and comfort.

Fifth, TRX Triceps Extension

As a beginner, you may find it difficult. So the ideal way to start is by putting your feet forward and proceed. Take your arms high up and pull your whole body. Your forehead must touch your hands and push back.


TRX arm workouts are very effective for both men and women of different age groups. The idea of using one’s body weight for resistance training is excellent and safe compared to traditional weight training.

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