A Quick Trx Workout – 4 Total Body Workouts To Build Cardio And Stamina

quick trx workout

A quick trx workout uses resistance to help exercise and burn more calories and fat than typical aerobic exercises.

The key to a quick trx workout is to start out with just two exercises. You can either grab a pair of dumbbells or use a pair of dumbbells and a bar. You will want to hold the dumbbells parallel to the ground or slightly inclined. Then grab the bar at shoulder width, with the palms facing down. Next, bend your knees and hips so that the body forms a straight line between the floor and the top of the dumbbells. Next, bend your elbows and let the weight pull your hands up towards your chest area, then lower the weights back down.

A Maximum Effect Within A Short Period Of Time

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A quick trx workout is designed to provide a maximum effect within a short period of time. In fact, many athletes and boxers prefer to do this type of workout before their match or fight. For this reason, they are excellent for building stamina and endurance and helping build muscle strength. There are many ways to do this workout and here are three workouts you can do with a real time elliptical trainer.

The first workout uses free movement and requires you to grab the handles of the elliptical machine at shoulder width. Next, stand with your feet hip distance apart and grip the handles firmly. Next, move your hands gradually outwards until your arms are fully extended. You should move your arms out at a smooth pace and complete this one minute mile run.

The Full Body Strength Workout

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The second exercise utilizes the full body strength workout that you would find in an athletic event. Begin by laying on the floor with your hands at full length in front of you. Next, grab one of the dumbbells in each hand and place your hands directly behind your head. Jump rope is an excellent exercise that will help to develop your core muscles and help you to strengthen your entire body. To do the jump rope, simply jump as high as you can without feeling like you are jumping on an unstable surface. For best results, make sure you have a spotter to ensure safety.

The third of our quick trx workouts involves a full body workout including a full body clean and push. Begin by standing with one leg out in front of the other and your upper body parallel to the ground. Push your body into the pushup position and grip the top of the pushup bar with your palms facing out in front of you. Next, lower your body down slowly and repeat on the opposite side.


The fourth of our quick trx exercises involves a one-minute workout using the medicine ball. Begin by laying on your back with both of your knees bent and your upper body parallel to the ground. Keep your elbows close together and hold onto the upper back of the medicine ball until the bell rings. Switch to the other side and repeat. These four workouts are ideal for a basic strength workout. If you want a more intense workout that builds cardio and stamina, then add in some plyometrics exercises such as the double jump rope or the medicine ball clean. Quick trx gives you the tools necessary for a complete total body workout.

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