Five Trx Workout Upper Body To Try

Trx Workout Upper Body

To build upper body strength give a try to TRX workout upper body training! It will make you fit and help you feel, move, and look best! This type of workout was initially made for navy SEALs to remain in shape while deployed with gear. Now TRX is even available in gyms! 

Here we will talk about various TRX workouts that help to develop arm, back, chest, and core strength. You can easily perform these at the gym or home with your TRX suspensor! 

5 TRX Workout Upper Body

1. Split Squat Y Fly 

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Stand away from the anchor and hold both TRX handles one in each hand. Then extend your arm over your head and begin by keeping your feet together. Make sure you keep your hips, elbow, and knees in line and brace your core. 

Do a split squat stance and keep knees 90° while keeping arms slightly behind your head. To get back to your position, press your arms and pull back your body to a standing position. 

2. TRX Chest Press

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Again face away from the anchor and hold the handles in front of you. Now brace your core and keep the focus on the solid plank by keeping your body at a 45° angle towards the floor. Lower down your chest and focus on keeping your body in a straight line. Once your hands and chest are in line, stop there for a moment. Then press back slowly with a controlled motion to get back in position. Make sure while returning, your knees, hips, and shoulders are in one line. 

3. Squat Y Fly

Stand in front of the anchor keeping your hand extended over your head holding each handle. Move your hips downward and keep back in the squat position while pushing your knee outwards. Also, lower your hands to your shoulder level. Now push your hips and feet forward while keeping your hands overhead and maintaining your arms to be straight until you reach the top. 

4. Triceps Press 

Stand away from the anchor and hold the TRX handles. Keep your elbow in one line with shoulders. Now bring your hands near to your temple while keeping your palms away from the body. Brace your core and lean forward making your body to be at a 45-degree angle towards the floor. Press the handles downward and keep the body stable except the elbow joint. Lower down your body in one controlled movement. 

This will keep improving active planks, develop core strength, and triceps. 

5. Inverted Row

Face the TRX suspension and keep your chest under the anchor point. Hold the handles in both hands. Bend your knee at 90 degrees while bracing your core and engaging glutes. Now squeeze the shoulder blades together while using your mats to pull up the body. Your hand must be at the sides of the rib cage. Lower down your body to the starting position. 

So these are five TRX workout upper body for you! You can also try TRX pull up, resisted torso rotation, TRX power-full, and atomic pike push up.

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