4 Exercises That Will Help You Build Your Core Muscles


Many people don’t realize core muscles are not just for the abdominal area. They play an important role in our spine, pelvis, and hips.

If your core muscle strength is weak then you will experience back pain, difficulty breathing, poor posture, and increased risk of injury to your lower back. The core exercises below can help improve core muscle strength and stability which will help alleviate these problems.

1) Bridge

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Lie on your back with feet flat on the floor extended out straight from hips a little under knees bent 90 degrees at the hip joint (knees over ankles). Place hands down my ears with elbows bent to 90 degrees. Push off ground lifting glutes up lifting hips up off ground as high as possible lowering them slowly to start position. Repeat.

2) Windshield Wipers

Lie on your back with feet flat on the floor extended out straight from hips, knees bent 90 degrees hip joint (knees over ankles), and core engaged. Keep core engaged throughout this exercise while rotating torso slowly to one side without changing core position. Rotate about 10 times in both directions then repeat on the opposite side.

3) Single leg plank on Bosu ball

Core muscles are important for core stability and core strength. They help you balance, bend, twist, and move your body efficiently. In order to develop core strength, it is necessary to train core muscles by doing exercises that will activate them in a way that they have not been before. Single leg plank on Bosu ball is a great exercise for building core muscle strength because of its instability factor which forces the core muscles to contract in order to keep the body from falling over as well as its unilateral movement which activates both sides of the core muscle equally. It also targets those oblique abdominal muscles which many people neglect when training their abdominals only focusing on crunches or sit-ups since those exercises target rectus abdominus more than obliques.

How to do it:

– get on all fours with core muscles tightened and legs straight behind you, keep your core contracted the whole time even when you raise one leg up off of the ground

– squeeze core muscles and lift one leg up towards the ceiling while keeping core tight (do not let hips sway)

– slowly lower leg back down and raise back to start position

– switch legs and do the same number of rep with the opposite leg

– do it for a set number of reps or a certain amount of time

4) Sit up on Swiss ball

Core muscles are the core of your body. If you have a strong core, your back won’t hurt when you carry groceries or pick up your toddler. Your abs will be firm and tight instead of sagging down to meet your thighs. You’ll have more energy because core muscles support everything in our upper bodies, including lungs and heart. And best of all, core strength can help prevent injuries so that you can keep doing what you love for years to come!

Sit on a Swiss ball with feet planted firmly on the ground for support

Bend elbows at 90-degree angles so they are parallel to the spine

Lift chest off-ball while simultaneously contracting abdominal muscles

Maintain position by engaging core muscles and lower back muscles

Hold the position for 10 seconds and release. Repeat.

Repeat this movement six times, then switch legs and repeat six more times.

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