3 Topmost Ways To Use TRX Suspension Trainer

trx suspension trainer

Most people believe that extreme workouts or lifting weights are the only way to achieve results. But, TRX suspension trainer offers you an exercise method to improve stability, total body strength, and cardiovascular health. You can do it without using swinging kettlebells, weight lifting, or lifting semi-truck tires. The TRX Suspension Trainer has heavy handles, duty straps, foot cradles, and paddling. There can be many reasons why a TRX suspension trainer is all you need to complete your home gym. But there are these three topmost ways to use a TRX suspension trainer that can benefit you in many ways. 

TRX Suspension Trainer – Most Useful Machine You Can Have For Your Home Gym

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The TRX suspension trainer is exceptional when it comes to the following uses.

Core Training

The center of gravity in your body has a location just above your hips along the midline. When you change your body positions, it shifts your center of gravity. The body uses coordination and muscular strength to control the center of gravity in your body during movement. The suspension training bodyweight exercise has a design that intentionally displaces your center of gravity by activating the core musculature during each exercise to balance and stabilize the body in a functional way.

Pulling Exercises

This is one of the oldest procedures of bodybuilding, but it works big-time. Pulling exercises helps you to train all the muscles that involve pulling( biceps, back, rear delts, forearms, traps, hamstrings) together. With a TRX suspension trainer in your home gym, you can pull your entire body weight and add an exterior load if you want to add a challenge. The suspension trainer requires you to combine the entire posterior chain with your pulling moves, such as hip extension integrated with torso stability and pulling from the back. Hard to beat it.

Unilateral Training

Unilateral training is vital for helping you to identify muscle imbalances or weaknesses that can lead you to injury. Research has found that approximately 65 percent of injuries related to lifestyle and athletics come from overuse. It is for repetitive use of joints that renders dysfunctional by muscular imbalances. The simplest way by which you can avoid imbalance is to choose exercises that strengthen opposing muscle groups or perform unilateral training. Enter the TRX suspension trainer.

Pros Of TRX Suspension Trainer

There are the following consistent pros of TRX suspension trainer:

  • Practical and effective
  • Train inside or outdoors
  • Progressive workouts
  • No gym membership required
  • Accommodates all fitness levels
  • No exercise machines or heavyweights
  • The portable suspension strap system
  • Uses body weight and gravity for resistance
  • Improves stability and balance
  • Endless bodyweight workout routines
  • Improves endurance and muscular strength


TRX suspension trainer is a challenging way to complete a total body workout. The progressions and exercises are almost limitless and make it an excellent alternative for beginners to advanced athletes. To make your home gym more exciting and fun, get a TRX suspension trainer for yourself.

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