3 Amazing Athletic Leg Workout Exercises

athletic leg workout

An athletic leg workout is designed for those that need to gain strength in their legs and thighs while running. The type of workout you do will also depend on the purpose of your running (i.e. distance run, quick run or marathon) and your experience level. Running is a great form of exercise but it does not always give you the maximum results if you are not doing the right exercises.

How Often You Should Workout

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Athletic leg workouts should be done two to three times a week with an appropriate level of intensity depending on your current fitness level. Be careful that you do not overwork your legs as you can do more harm than good. Do some research first to find out what types of workout exercises will give you the results you are looking for. The following are some of the most common leg workouts.

The Workouts

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One way to do an athletic leg workout is to run in place. This means that your feet are planted firmly on the ground and your hands are on your hips so that they form a straight line between your legs. You can try to increase your speed by lowering your body until it is only one foot from the ground. Make sure you keep your heels down and do not bounce off of the pavement. Jumping off of a small inclined surface (like a jump rope or steps) can also be a great way to increase the amount of workout you get. If you can’t afford to jump off of a hard surface, then try running in place on concrete, grass or carpet.

Another great workout for your legs is to sprint. It is important that you pace yourself when doing this or else you may do more harm to your legs than good. Start out slow and gradually increase the distance and time you go on each sprint. You can also try doing a reverse running pattern to add more distance in your sprints.

If you are a runner then you probably already know about leg workouts such as jogging, biking and swimming. These are all great ways to improve the way you run. You can use them in addition to any other leg workout to further increase the benefits of your run. Try to alternate which leg you focus on to help prevent injuries. Cycling provides an all-natural way to burn calories without damaging your legs or having to change into shorts.

Biking requires a lot of upper-body strength to be able to cycle efficiently. This is why many athletes who participate in track and field choose to do leg workouts to improve their bikes’ efficiency. Lunges and step-ups are the two most common leg workouts that cyclists do to build their upper-body strength and endurance. Lunges improve your hip flexors and quadriceps. They also help to build your strength in your glutes and lower back. A step-up improves your efficiency at getting off the bike.

Running, like biking, is also a great way to increase your leg strength and run at a faster pace. If you do a lot of running, it is much more beneficial to focus on strengthening the legs as well as the entire body to get a longer, more efficient run. Running requires a lot of upper-body strength for you to be able to run smoothly and efficiently. For example, when you run, you have to use your arms, legs and torso to propel you forward.


Having a great leg workout doesn’t have to be complicated. Simply doing a few sets of each of the exercises mentioned above will greatly help you to increase your running distance and overall performance. Remember to stretch before and after every workout and drink plenty of water. Running is great for your health and fitness but it is only one part of your total health and fitness routine. Do your best to include running in your exercise program and you will begin to enjoy all the positive benefits.

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