20 Minute Leg Workout at Home

Leg Workout at Home

Shaping the legs and the hips has always been a desire for everyone who wants to look slimmer and sexier. However, this requires the right exercise for certain activities that benefit certain parts of the body in different ways. Also, it requires a lot of time and patience before one can see the result of your hard work. That is why it also needs dedication from the person who is conducting the exercise.

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The 20-minute leg workout is a set of activities that could help you with your desire of shaping your lower body. As its name states, it lasts for 20 minutes. Also, you can do it at home. That is why get up off your couch and start working your leg and hips out to get it to the right shape that you want it to be.

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Hip Circles

Begin by laying down on your knees and your hand. Using your knee, continuously create loops in the air. Make as many circles as possible using your one knee for 30 seconds, and another 30 seconds for the other knee.

Side Leg Lift

Lay down on one side, either your left or your right. Using the foot that is over the other, lift it as many times as you can from 30 seconds; after the time, flip over so you can exercise the other side for 30 seconds as well.

Down-Dog Leg Kick

Form a triangle using your foot and your hand, while your butt being a vertex. Start by lifting one of your feet, alternating with the other for thirty seconds.


Stand with your feet, keeping distance. Do sit routines, pushing the hips back; when your thighs are paralleled to the ground, stand back up again. For 45 seconds, do as much as squats as you can do.

Alternating Leg Lowers

Lay your back to the ground. Lift your feet, that it makes a 90-degree angle with your body. Start by lowering one of your legs near the bottom, alternating with the other. Do as much as you can for 30 seconds.

Single-Leg Deadlift

Stand in a manner that the weight of the body is on one foot. Lift the other foot backward, and lean your body forward that it would create a letter T. Do as many T’s as possible for 45 seconds and switch over to the other leg for 45 seconds again.

Pencil Jump

Stand in a manner that your body is resisting to move. Using your feet, bounce off from the floor, and do this as much as you can for 45 seconds.

Kneeling Extension

Sit in a kneeling position. Hold the part of your abs, and lift your hips to form a straight line with your knees. For 45 seconds, do as much as kneeling extension as you can.

Walk-Up Squat

Start by going to your knees, with them being apart. Raise one leg and then the other, and a squat position must be formed. After that, stand up; do as many as you can for 45 seconds.

Repeat some of the steps to fill up the 20-minute exercises.

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